Royal Wedding London Route

There will be 200 Guards on horses along the route photo has this  horse
distracted which is frowned upon....

The Royal Route for the Prince and Princess
According to plans, the route will be similar to Diana and Charles' wedding in that it will proceed from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace through the Royal Gardens.  Kate and Will are marrying at Westminster Abbey because of it's historic beauty and high altar while Diana and Charles were wed at St. Paul's Cathedral to accommodate more guests.  Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square will be the venues for large jumbo-tron screenings of the entire wedding for the locals on the streets.  Kate will use the same gold carriage after the wedding that Diana and Margaret used.

Kate MiddletonPrincess Alexandra  00.63

Guard near Queen Victoria Statue near Buckingham Palace in the Royal Gardens.  I took this photo in the 70's and it hadn't been refurbished.

This is my "vintage" '73 photo of Buckingham Palace.  It's so much more ornate and renovated now.

I took this photo at the Queen's palace, Windsor.  It was a peaceful day to visit.

Westminster Abbey where Kate and Will are getting married. Another one I snapped below in a different year.

London's Westminster Abbey, venue for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011, has been a top London tourist attraction for years.

 Prince and Princess of Wales 07.81
Diana was married in St. Pauls' where they were doing a lot of renovation when I was there.

 Westminster Abbey is adjacent to the Parliment Building and Big Ben.

The ferris wheel has been in use since the Millineum 2000
 although we saw it in 1999

Trafalgar Square has been selected to have the jumbo-tron viewing for locals during the entire wedding.

Trafalgar Square very popular for the locals and tourists (my photos)

Hyde Park will also be the site of a jumbo-tron for screening of the wedding and the procession will go through the Royal Gardens and Parks.
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The Royal Parks

Kate and her family are staying at the Goring Hotel near Buckingham Palace the night before the wedding.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson 07.86 The Prince and Princess of Wales 07.81
Andrew and "Fergie" were also married at Westminster Abbey

The new American Lifetime made for TV movie about Kate and Will is said to be "cheesy" but sweet...the Brits are having a fit about it and think it should be banned not because it's inaccurate but because they hadn't produced it first.

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