Ceramics of Tuscany

Tuscan Ceramics

The Ceramics industry in Italy is highly creative yet also competitive. There are many shops and artisans that offer pottery, ceramics, tiles and more. The designs and patterns range from classical ceramic decorations developed in Tuscany during the Renaissance to modern pieces drawing on many different sources of inspiration. The beauty and history of the Tuscany landscape and the joy of living and working in this beautiful part of Italy is perhaps the strongest among them.

The Sunflower is a popular Tuscan style.  It comes in reds, blues, and just about any other color you'd prefer.  Continue reading...

I personally like the lemon themed ceramics for the kitchen because they've a very fresh appeal. Pears and grapes are also used a lot in design.   Rampini Ceramics in Lucca

Horchow Collection (top and left);  Willow House design (red cannisters and two lower right).

See Accents of Salado; The Olive Source Ceramics;   Point Vecchio Florence ceramics.

These are some of my collection of vases purchased in Italy...Most Italian ceramics will have ITALY signature on the bottom.

Fortunata Lifestyle Shot
USA: The Southern Home

For more info on the History of  Italian Ceramics here.


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