Will the Real Villa Toscana Please...?

Villa Toscana is a popular name for all sorts of establishments around the US and Europe.  It can be anything from a restaurant, inn, clinic, plaza...  I love the name but don't want to feature every VT around the nation so here' s Villa Toscana in Paso Robles, CA. and the Villa Toscana, near Florence in Italy.  Read on...

The Villa Toscana in Paso Robles formerly booked weddings and regular vacation stays however, they may have down scaled due to the economic times.  Paso Robles is known for its outstanding wineries as part of the California Central Coast Winery consortium.  The town square in Paso Robles is very attractive and filled with charming boutiques and restaurants.  There's plenty to do and within an hour to the ocean.  

The Villa Toscana in Italy features apartment rentals and located 3 miles from a charming town known as Castelfranco di Sopra (above).

Villa Toscana Apartments in Italy


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