Pasta Seasoning Blend Recipe

Only the freshest produce, spices, breads, meats and cheeses are available at the many open air markets in Europe. In the future, I'll post in the popular market schedules in a blog. I bought some dried peppers on a trip in 2000 and still have them for flavoring olive oil with garlic. I like to have spices mixed up before I cook so I can add to my's one of my pasta seasoning blends...

Pasta Seasoning Blend
Adjust to personal taste
2 cups dried minced Onion
2 tbsp. dried Garlic powder
2 tbsp dried Basil
2 tbsp Salt
4 tbsp dried Parsley
3 tbsp. dried Oregano
1 tsp dried Thyme
1 tsp.  fresh ground Pepper

2 tbsp. dried red pepper flakes 
Dried Lemon peel
Lemon oil

I found these etched glass recycled frappuccino bottles on the internet.  They make great spice jars for your seasoning blends.  

Counter Spice Rack, Bronze finish
Pottery Barn

These chalkboard spice jars above are from Anthropologie.

Also see my recommended Herbs de Provence recipe and more spice jars.
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