Cute Italian Markets and Baskets

One of the things that makes the small villages of Europe so special and charming are the quaint, local neighborhood markets. This is a wine shop in Pienza, in the provence of Siena, Italy.  Notice the church in the background that adds a serene, romantic atmosphere to the area.  This is a main street in Piensa immaculately cared for by its citizens and business owners to attract tourists. Pienza in the Siena province is a very lovely quintessential hilltop town to visit in Tuscany.  Another...


sweet market we found is in the hilltop village of Orvieto in the Lazio region.  I envision the local patrons walking up and down steep hills carrying fresh fruits and vegetables back to their homes just like my grandmother did most of her adult life.  They must be carrying those flexible rattan baskets. 

Sorrento Lemon and Orange Products in produce baskets.

Crafty wine shop in Sorrento

I especially like these vintage-looking household organizers below.  The one on the left is good for fresh eggs and veggies.

These wire baskets are great for desk or pantry organization 
but not much for carrying to the market.

A freshly stocked Positano Market

 Italian Positano strawberries                        Crate and Barrel basket.

Ballard Design and Pottery Barn baskets

Why didn't I think of that?

These colorful plastic shopping baskets on wheels have pull up handles and are used in the stores in Italy to carry small loads in the stores.  

I found these for sale in front of a store on the main street in Ercolano (where the ruins of Herculaneum are located).  

At least I got this photo to remember them.  

I would have brought one back but couldn't get it in my suitcase!  


The wire baskets artistically resemble the main basic art elements in the building compositions of the the Herculaneum Ruins in the town of Ercolano near Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii.
Baskets from Olive Manna

Pottery Barn Desk Organizers

'Dreamy Whites' Basket

I photographed this cute market while walking down a carruggio (small street) in Portofino. 

Outside this very charming store in Monterosso, I caught the felines cat-napping as they usually do in this special Cinque Terre town.  These are some really useful baskets!

Flower shop in Rome
Crate and Barrel


Dreamy Whites (Blog) Crate and Baskets here

Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy, floral shop

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