HGTV's Sarah's "Burb" House Project

One of my favorite HGTV design series is 'Sarah's House', and since my crafts area is an office area/closet I can appreciate the room she created today.  The entire house decor budget was set at $100,000. and they went over budget by about $11,000.  Sarah and her Assistant, Tommy (right), always seem to make a great team.  See the new crafts room, kitchen and basement decor by the design duo.... 

The  house was $730,000 in the suburbs.

I think this room turned out so chic smart.  Since I'm a painter/crafter I appreciate the space and storage.  The drapes are blue and white stripe--very cool, crisp and clean looking.

During this episode, Sarah and Tommy designed each room of the new home above.   The kitchen is simple but has a contemporary and fresh appeal.  "Repetition is the key to any room decorating to unite the room", according to Sarah.  

The duo created a peaceful, "refreshing theme" for the Master bedroom (lower left and upper right).   How pleasant and uncluttered is this room?  Also a guest bedroom is featured in the lower right photo--a total serene design theme.  Storage, lounging and sleeping zones were the focus for the Master and I think they achieved that goal.  

I really appreciate Sarah's style since she doesn't overwhelm the space with too many objects in a room.  

See more of Sarah's work at HGTV.

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