Land of Fashionable Cotton

I come from the land of cotton, grapes and dairy farms in the great Central Valley of California.  Bruce Springsteen sang about the early immigrants living and working along the Central Valley agricultural producing trails.  When I was growing up, I knew people who worked in the fields and I even picked tomatoes one summer.  On a recent drive by some of the many fields in our area, I realized it was close to harvest time and the cotton will soon be gone.  Here's just a small tribute to its wonders, handmade from Europe...

Coeur en Provence 

Dress by When Decades Collide, Euro Etsy; Other items at tribute212, Euro Etsy

Cotton Fabrics at Berlin's Fabricmade and iPad case at Ikabag, both from Etsy Europe.  
I love the different textures of cotton!

Cottons and Linens on the Amalfi Coast which is known for having so many products.

Euro Etsy fashions and items:  Bags by Ikabag, Etsy Europe;  

iPad covers by TG of Berlin, Etsy Europe;  Cotton lace and fabrics by

Cotton dresses AfterShowersShop at Etsy

Dreamy Whites and A Vintage White; Cotton is great for those shabby chic items.

 Ah, the look, the fell of this cotton dress found at

Vintage and Textiles Fairs
The Washerwoman here


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