Harrods Of London Christmas Windows 2012

Every year Londoners and tourists are treated to some of the most elaborately decorated windows of various themes and clothing designers at Harrods Department Store. I was lucky to see to see the windows for the new millenium in 2000.  For this year's Disney theme, Designers from Versace, Cavalli, Dior decorated 10 windows with gorgeous gowns that could have easily been worn by Cinderella and Repunzel.  See more of the Euro store windows and city lights...

See more of the Harrod's windows here

Rome's Christmas lights at the Forum, Castle, and the Vatican ready for the religious holiday.

Open markets such as this one in Germany are common in most of the European cities around Christmas.

Lights in Paris along the Champs Elysees

See Harrod's Christmas windows from 2000 here


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