Euro Blue and White

If you've read some of my posts, you know that I love blues and whites, almost as much as the earth tones painted on the stone villas everywhere in Italy.  

I've used many colour themes so check out some of my other posts at the end of this one.

It  doesn't get much bluer than the sea near and around the famous arches in Capri in the Mediterranean Sea (left).   

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Above are the full beautiful white flowers (Vincas)  growing all around the world famous Hotel Sirenuse...a must see if you go to Positano, Italy.  The hotel has some of the best views of the city. At right captures the crisp white linens used in most restaurants in Capri.

I must include the blue mediterranean ocean and the beautiful clean stone walkway to the Marina Piccola on the back side of the Island of Capri.    The gray stone pathway is just so beautiful,  it doesn't compare to anything else.  Sophia Loren's rustic white villa is up on the cliff at the far left.

The Sorrento waters are so bluuuuuuueee!     

Left: Florence, Italy with blueish grey trim;  Middle: Pisa; Right: Portovenere, It.

Victoria Magazine settings in Europe

Getting a great photo of the Trevi Fountain is difficult since there's always a crowd.  I guess my photo is one of my favorite for showing the gorgeous blend of water and the white architecture.

Veranda Magazine--always a great resource for classic ideas and colour from Europe.

The very all-white, classic and romantic Rendezvous Restaurant in Capri.

J. Paul Getty designed his villa in Malibu, CA. based on the original Pompeii City architectural plans.  The Getty Villa is a must see when in California.  Getty's love for the original treasures of Italian monuments is obvious and the fountain is reminiscent of grand European estates.  They've managed to keep the integrity of the treasures and landscape in excellent condition. There was almost no foot traffic that day so I was able to take this great photo.  Thanks to my sis who volunteers at the Getty Villa!


Ceramics are beautifully created in Europe and especially Italy and France.  Be sure to pick some up when you go.  I really loved the new blue ceramics (right) that we found in Positano-- even brought a few pieces back.  I picked up the plate on the left in Portovenere in the Cinque Terre.  Thats sort of a standard tourist piece but loved the colors.  

Roman Forum Ruins

Blue fashion and products from

Top:  Tower of London (one of the buildings) lonely blue door and lamp post;  "The Eye" (left) in London

French Blue Fabrics so popular in France (Pierre Deux, All That is French) 

Collage of Pisa, Milano, Venice, Roman Ruins

So many priceless, ancient stained glass features cool blues...this one I captured while visiting the Canterbury Cathedral in England.  The town of Canterbury is just a small quaint village and fun to walk around. 

The Italian Riviera town of Levanto.  This is a lovely, more quiet town one should stay in while visiting the Cinque Terre.  Its the first town before the CT towns if going by train from the North.  See my Cinque Terre post for Villa Margherita in Levanto.  I love the many blue and white boats. 

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 Lastly, my very blue signage. (Previously the "Naples" train sign)

This is a beautiful, large tile fresco in Positano, It.


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