"Map" Your Life with these Products !

Do you have a few maps hanging around (or put away) to inspire you to take a trip?  I love maps and have featured some various uses of maps in older posts. I'm convinced there are hundreds of ideas for using maps after seeing these marvelous new ideas and products. Take a look at the latest finds from Pinterest to inspire your journeys without ever leaving your home...

Do you ever dream of traveling? Well, these sheets would make you feel like you've gone somewhere even if its only in your dreams!

Clothing made from maps?  I suppose you call this a well traveled dress!

Map-covered storage boxes should be fun to look at--we can dream, right?

Even if you're not actually going anywhere, wrap your gifts in travel bags that'll put a smile on anyone's face!

Carry out your travel plans with this bag!

I love the idea of using maps as window coverings..much more interesting than plain shades.

Waking up to this bureau in the morning would inspire me to get going but I may not be able to concentrate on work!

Some travel pieces I featured in a previous post.

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