Royal Cake Crafter and Famous Cakes

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The Royal Cake Crafter Selected by Kate and Will
and Other Famous Wedding Cakes

Fiona Cairns recipe: Sugarpaste roses 
Handmade frosting roses by Fiona Cairns

"The cake, which will be decorated with cream and white icing, will have a strong British floral theme using elements of the Joseph Lambeth technique"  according to Fiona Cairns on the Royal website.
Fiona Cairns is the cake crafter for the Royal Wedding.  Even though the Royal Cake will be traditional fruit-filled with white icing and flowers, you can imagine it'll be very intricate, florally and very English in design. There will be a different theme for each tier of the cake.  Sample of her little cakes below.

Alas, the Royal Wedding cake that Kate and Fiona picked out.

Homes and Gardens, UK, made an in-home visit with the cake crafter:
Fiona's factory produces 120,000 cakes a year, selling to Harrods, Selfridges and Waitrose, but Fiona keeps in touch with her customers by visiting the department stores to hold tastings, personalise cakes with messages and to gather ideas. “I am constantly thinking about cakes and my ideas come from all over the place.” Her love of flowers also has a strong influence – “the house is filled with roses in June, or dahlias, zinnias and cornflowers later in the summer” – and she regularly uses sugar roses, hydrangeas and berries to decorate her Vintage cakes, which have a pretty, traditional look. “My best-selling cake is actually a Waitrose wedding cake which is completely plain, ready to be decorated with the bride's favourite flowers,” she says. 
Kate and William's cake will be made using the Joseph Lambeth Method.

My version of Lambeth Method
Joseph Lambeth technique
The Lambeth Method is derived from a style of decorating that was popular in England where chefs and decorators would use a lot of intricate piping to create 3-D scrollwork, leaves, flowers, and other decoration on a cake. The Lambeth Method is still popular today and is frequently used by wedding cake designers and decorators to create ornate wedding cakes. A cake decorated in the Lambeth Method and accented with fresh fruit or flowers is the wedding cake of choice for anyone who wants a traditional looking, elegant wedding cake.

Two of the Lambeth techniques of perfect flowers from Sangmaestro:


traditional wedding cake designed with flowers

Some of Diana's 27 Wedding Cakes

Tiers of Royal Heaven

Diana's main cake

The Queen Mum's Cake

Queen of Jordan's cake

Princess Grace (Kelly) and Ranier/Vanity Fair photo

Guess Who These Famous Cakes Belong to...



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