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I developed a love for traveling to Europe in my late teens in 1973.  My sister and I backpacked through nine countries initially following Frommer's book, 'Europe on $5. and $10. a Day'.  We've just completed eight trips to Europe.  Needless to say, we never used the book again because we appreciate the finer hotels as adults, however; we still travel by the trains to reach our destinations. 

I mostly enjoy photographing the ancient architecture, colorful buildings and picturesque landscapes.  Given my art and design background, I'm inspired by the quaint shops and villas often using them as subjects for my photos.  My photos have been inspiration for creative cards and oil paintings. 

Its fun to travel with friends!  
Featured locations here: Portovenere; Levanto; Bellagio, Ireland and Cortona. 


Italian Heritage
The Capaldi's, McKees Rocks, PA.

My (Capaldi) Grandparents immigrated from Bugnara, Italy to Pittsburgh, PA. in the 1920's.  They eventually sponsored other family members to become U.S. citizens as well.  My mother moved to California in her early 20's with my father and I was subsequently born in the Central Valley.

Bugnara, Italy

My Grandmother and Great Grandmother       My sister Linda (right); me (left) mid 50's in PA.

My dad, Shan King, and my mom. Philomena Capaldi

9 of the 12 Capaldi Cousins in 2000

Cousins in 2018
 (Tarquinio/Capaldi/Del Monte/Hoffman/King)

The Capaldi's 2018

This blog shares trip tips and photos that I enjoyed making over the years.

I'm happy to share any post-making tips or travel tips with anyone. 
Hope you enjoy my posts.
Ciao!  LouAnn

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