Anjelica Huston's Three Rivers Ranch

Anjelica Huston is a beautiful woman who has a simple yet colorful, expressive ranch house in Three Rivers, CA.  I'm featuring it because it's very near my home town.   She's one of my favorite actresses with so many credits to her name.  Most are not familiar with "Family Pictures", a two-part TV adaptation of the Sue Miller novel of the same name. Anjelica and Sam Neill are a 1950s married couple with six children, one of whom, Randall, is autistic. The parents' initial decision not to institutionalize the boy results in a terrific strain on the rest of the family.                         She also played an Italian in "Prizzi's Honor" directed by her father.   Vogue Italia recognized Angelica's 60th birthday recently by displaying many of the above photos.  She is pictured with Jack Nicholson, her longtime friend.  At her ranch house at left. 
A look at her Ranch House...continue...

The mural on the dining room wall is of Three Rivers.  Small blue house is the guest house.  Photos from Architectural Digest

Reimer's world famous hand made candy and ice cream is another great thing about Three Rivers.


  1. Would You happen to have the exact address of Anjelica Huston's farm? I would like to write her a letter with a request to sign some photos for me. I really admire this great woman. Thanks in advance!!!

    Holland (europe) email

    1. I have Anjelica's fan mail address

      69 WINDWARD AVE, VENICE, CA 90291 , this is a recent one :D

    2. Thank you so much...I know she lives in Venice, CA. also but very glad to have this info.


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