Paris/Rare Eiffel Tower Signage

This very unique signage was especially added to the Eiffel Tower in honor of the year 2000 for the Millenium celebration.  "J-283" means there are 283 days (jours) until the year 2000.  I visited Paris again in the same year so it reads "J-58"--58 days (jours) until 2000.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the correct camera for night photos.

I think the photo underneath the Eiffel Tower truly shows the magnitude of it's size.

I brought this back from shows how most sites are within walking distance.

 Paris Opera House

 Notre Dame on the Seine River

The Ritz Carlton, where Princess Diana and Doty spent their last evening.

 You can walk from the Eiffel Tower to these wonderful gardens at the Louvre.

The Louvre Museum gardens and buildings
 The Louvre Museum

 The King Tut mime in the middle of the road is very common near the is a larger photo.
This mime stood the entire day we were there.                     Basket by OoohLaFab

The Arc d'Triumph

This is the little Arc as its called.

 One of my favorite buildings, the Sacre Coeur on a high hill in Montmarte district of Paris. I love the green lawns and all-white church and patina blue statues.  This is farther away from the other sites.

 Parliment Buildings

Old buildings with new buildings in the distance

I love this floral shop near our hotel

Nancina at a Metro stop-the Metros are the perfect way to get around the entire city.

The Bastille Statue and area

New Again Design at Etsy

Watch Paris video with  Gary Moore's Parisienne Walkways  (it will download)


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