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Harry's Bar in Venice: A Refreshing Experience!

While in Venice, Italy, take a break to visit the original Harry's Bar.  The staff is warmly hospitable and will make your visit seem very personal.  They'll share the history of their delicious invention, the Bellini cocktail. You'll see photos of the many classic movie stars who've frequented the bar since 1931.  

Harry's has a very unassuming entrance just off the main St. Mark's piazza and nearby marina.  It's worth entering this very famous classic bar for an original Bellini and a bit of culinary history...

The shelves are stocked just as they were in 1931 according to the staff, same order and volume as Harry desired.  Now that's consistency!  
The wood bar reminds me of being on a very exclusive, old yacht.  
The only thing missing are the Captain's hats.

The Bellini Cocktail: This Bellini drink was created 1943 at Harry's Bar in Venice in honor of the painter Geovani Bellini. Giuseppi Cipriani was the inventor. The original recipe was made wi…

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