Can you guess these "home" locations?

Where is this Hearst-esque mansion located? 
(not San Simeon)

San Simeon, the California hilltop home of publishing baron William Randolph Hearst, has long been the benchmark for outrageous opulence, but this place sure gives it a run for its money, at least on the outrageous bit. "Perhaps the most remarkable home in the Pacific Northwest," claims the broker babble. This is pure opulence...scroll down photos to see the city...

Where is this Hearst-esque mansion nestled? 
Roseburg, Oregon!
(Curbed photos)

This Tuscan inspired home is
located in...

...Houston Texas!
(House Beautiful photos)

Shabby Chic-nest
I thought the shabby chic "home" below was adorable  in the movie, "Leaving Normal"'s really an Airstream trailer.  In the movie, the trailer is "home" to a waitress who gives it away to Meg Tilly and Christine Lahti after she gets married. They travel through Canada with the Airstream.

There is fabric draped on the ceiling and even a chandelier that's hidden from view.

Below are more creatively decorated AirStream Trailers

These are pretty creative airstreams. (Internet photos)

Airstream living space  mobile office desk
Sunset Mag
Airstream interior
There are some wonderful shabby chic websites. See my favorite blog list at the very bottom of my home page.


  1. What a fun post! I especially enjoyed seeing the creatively decorated Airstreams. Wow. I have a friend who loves them and is always talking about how fun it would be to decorate one. Now I see what she means! :)


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