The Italian Riviera Ligure...

Portofino is situated along the Mediterranean Sea close to the Cinque Terre Villages and Levanto.  It's considered the Italian Riviera, Ligure region.  See more...

Take the treni to the quaint Santa Margherita Ligure station. Catch a local bus to Portofino.  It doesn't take long and it's well worth it.

Local area

To get the above photo, there is a marked pathway that leads up to a castle across the marina. You can't miss this photo op.

The castle with the views of the marina and town.

The castle up the staircase.

The very famous Hotel Splendido view.

A villa along the path

One of the several coves in the area.  

Hava 'Portofino' Canvas Art
Many Local artists

The gelato in town is wonderful especially after walking a lot.

Walking along the same path from the castle will end at this
lighthouse at the tip of the pennisula.

I recommend staying at this B&B, Villa Margherita, in Levanto.  
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