Harrods of London Special Displays

News from Harrods and Christie's
Harrods is lit with 11,500 exterior light bulbs! 

Seven floors, 4.5 acres, over 20 Restaurants and Cafes

Harrod's of London
London's famous Department Store...

(Hi Sis!)

Harrods' Christmas display for 2011 was based on the theme A Crystal Christmas and is inspired by Swarovski.


We were fortunate to have seen the Diana and Dody's memorial inside Harrods.
Dody's father own's Harrods.

Valentine's Day at Harrods...

HARRODS - Candy Jar


I love my green Harrod's bag!

Windows at Christmas

My travel friend Nancy and I took the photos below of some of the decorated windows at Harrod's during the holiday season.  In celebration of year 2000, they featured lifesize retro and vintage themes sparing no expense to details.

Here you can see inside to the store.


Anyone ever wants to get me one of these, send it my way!

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