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Research has shown that olive oil may lower the risk of heart disease since it reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) while leaving HDL (the good cholesterol) intact. It is important to note that quality extra virgin olive oil should be used within eighteen months of pressing. Unlike fine wine, good olive oil does not improve with age. The health benefits of antioxidant-rich oils wane if the oils are stored for too long or not properly.

Antioxidants remain in the olive oil if the bottle is not exposed to heat and/or light. This is one of the main reasons why any producer of good olive oil would never bottle the oil in a clear bottle. It's advised  not to buy olive oils bottled in clear bottles.

Tuscan Olive Trees are some of the richest olive producing plants in the world.

Here are a few brand names from Italy.   Many USA growers import trees from Italy or Spain and are making equally fine olive oils.  Keep viewing...

These two oils were most popular in Orvietto (left one) and the Amalfi Coastal regions when we visited there recently.  We saw this in restaurants being used as the staple olive oil and in the local shops for sale.  

Gargiulo and Bartolomei oils are very popular in Italy


Types of Olive Oils:
Extra-Virgin:  The highest grade you can buy.  Olives are pressed without chemicals or heat. 
Virgin:  A lower grade than extra-virgin, lighter in flavor.
Olive Oil:  Virgin oil blended and refined with oil from olives that have already been pressed.
Light: Refined oil with a small amount of virgin oil, lighter taste.
Infused or Flavored:  Oil which fruit or herbs were steeped. Intense flavor.

Fattoria Colleverde

olive oil


Oil and Vinegar Club
Il Fustino, Santa Barbara, CA.


Ever consider using olive oils for your party favors?

Did you know that California makes 99% of the Olive Oils in the USA?
A California Olive Oil source...Pasolivo

Citrus infused olive oils and regular olive oils from Paso Robles, CA.  Tasting Info and Recipes check the website.  This is a small but mighty olive oil company with
trees and tasting shop right on the grounds.

Please comment if you'd like other Companies added.


  1. Thank you for posting these different types of olive oil. I buy olives and incorporate them with most of my meals!


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