Lucca Painting and Drawing Course with John DelMonte

Drawing by John Del Monte

La Luna Hotel in Lucca by John Del Monte

Lucca Art Studies
John Del Monte
(Our Uncle)
Pittsburgh, PA. 

Uncle John started his drawing and painting  course in Lucca, Italy over 40 years ago.  He taught drawing and painting to thousands of students who came from around the world to study his methods.   He teaches how to prepare paper for oils and colour mixing just like the fine masters did many centuries ago.  His techniques are reminiscent to Leonardo DaVinci and other Master artistsLucca highly supports the arts. Lucca was also the home of Puccini.  When John started the course in 1969, the town mayor was very involved in helping the students.  They provided apartments and bicycles for every student and the course was most of the summer.  While they don't provide this anymore, they embrace his students each year.

Professor John's print of his painting at the Hotel La Luna in Lucca.

My cousin Nina and I took the art course in the summer of 2009 in this building, an old school. We easily walked from our hotel each day to attend our lessons.

Our classroom

Drawing Demonstrations

Painting Demonstrations

Many of the Masters couldn't afford canvas that were also expensive to frame. Using quality paper is less expensive overall than canvas.  Prepping the paper is necessary to achieve a smooth painting surface and preserves the paint for a lifetime.  Papers are used quite often and preferred by many art patrons who purchase works of art. We used only our prepped papers for painting during the class. 

Art of colour mixing

"Rub out" paintings--removing the paint with a small cloth to create the light and dark areas of the image.

Painting on dark paper


Our workspace

Very well known in Lucca after 40 years, John gets asked for sketches regularly while dining in the evening.

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