Olive Oil Beauty Products...

Erbario Toscano
Natural Fragrances and Soaps
Made in Lucca, Italy

We loved their shop in Lucca and bought most of our take home gifts. ErbarioTuscano
Products: Face Creams, Home Fragrances, Shampoos, Soaps...Scents: Orange Cinnamon,Olive, Rose, White Musk, Wine...continue...

 Olive Oil Soap from England

The Erbario products are so naturally fragrant and fresh.  They also decorate each item in dried florals and natural packaging. You can sign up for their newsletter but it's in Italian.

Citron & Bergamot Soap    Pure Olive Oil Soap

Camellia & Cinnamon Soap 
 Tuscany2U Hand Made Products
I don't know much about them so leave me a message if
you've used and liked them. They do this pretty wrap also.

Coming Soon we hope...

 Fattoria I Bosconi
The Fattoria Bosconi Estate 
currently presses Olives from the approximately 8000 plants that grow on property near Florence,  however they intend to increase the number of plans by at least 2/3 (trying to reach 11.000). They are owned by Chef Gabriele and wife/actress Debi Mazur (photo) who are planning to develope a line of beauty products as well. Check out their site  (and Cooking Channgel show)  at http://www.underthetuscangun/ or Twitter Debimazur.  Can't wait to see her products...

Olive Oil Beauty Products from USA

This is what I use for regular handwashing: Olivina Hand Wash from Napa.  You can buy it from the Olive Press or elsewhere.  It has a fresh aroma.

Please let me know if you'd like to add more products!


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