Sting's Tuscan Villa

Sting's Tuscany Villa
Valdarno Superiore valley
(near Florence)

(Architecture Digest photos)
Sting's dining area (above) and music area (below) in his English manor.

His kitchen in his London Townhome

Not quite Sting's view, however, this was our hilltop
outdoor dining experience with our Italian hosts above Lucca
with gorgeous views of Pisa.

Other Aldarno Superiore Valley Villas

Villa Barberino can be rented.

I picked up this brochure at the nearby winery we visited.


  1. All the villas are great. You can also count Orlando Villas to visit for and enjoying.

  2. Wow, his Tuscan villa looks really amazing! One of my friends actually went to see some of the Tuscany villas and he told me some great things about them. He said that a lot of them are very beautiful and amazing on both the outside and the inside, pretty much like the one you posted. I want to visit Tuscany and see them for myself!


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