Julia Roberts in Rome

Julia Roberts ELLE September 2010

Julia: Eat, Pray, Love and more...
I will not lie, I love Italy for the food among many reasons.  In the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, Julia flies to Rome and eats her way through friendships and happiness.  They venture out to have the original Pizza Margherita in Naples and drive their little car to Tuscany where her Italian tutor's family lives.  Julia prepares a traditional American holiday feast with Turkey and all of the trimmings.  And of course, they drink red wine the entire time in Italy.  After she leaves Italy, it's off to India and Bali...where she really doesn't eat much at all.  Her favorite phrase is "attraversare sopra" which means to "cross over" (try something new) in Italian. Julia 

Roberts was paid $1.5 million to appear in a non-speaking role in an Italian coffee commercial, reports the Daily Mail.  Roberts plays Botticelli’s Venus while two men try to make her smile. They succeed when they offer her a cup of “A Modo Mio” coffee made in an espresso machine. The actress gives the wide smile for which she is known all over the world and a little laugh. At the end of the commercial she winks at the audience. (Italymag)    Continue for more...


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