Royal Ring and a President?

Garrard Jeweler of London The Crown Jeweler and an American Presidential connection...

Princess Diana's selection of an engagement ring was unique, but her ring is actually a part of Garrard Jeweler's catalog. That means anybody that had $65,000 during that time could purchase the ring.  Garrard Jewelers created lovely rings and she chose an oval sapphire of the bluish hue. It was an 18-carat engagement ring with 14 smaller diamonds on the side, forming an elegant and very elaborate setting.  Diana's choice of jewelry caused a stir both in the royal family and the concerned public. It wasn't especially crafted for her and it is not even a diamond ring. However, because it was Diana's choice, it became the couple's symbol of commitment to each other.  Kate is using the same ring and hopefully she and Will will live happily ever after.
According to Free Republic, in Hillary Clinton's Financial disclosures in 2007,  she and hubby Bill have holdings in the famous London Garrard Jewelers --the Garrard Worldwide Holdings Ltd. Garrard is the Crown Jeweller, and appears to be connected to the Bronfman financial empire according to the FR.  So it appears that Bill and Hillary have this financial connection to the Royal Jewelry..

Garrard's is reportedly the oldest jeweler in the world since 1721.
This is the Mardon knock off of the "Diana Ring".  Right, Diana's actual ring and finger.

Garrard's product

thumbs  thumbs  thumbs thumbs thumbs thumbs Garrard in lots of press...

Ring on Diana's hand


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