Royal Weddings for Kate and Diana

Some words about Diana

A woman living in Richmond, VA., purchsed the opera gown and displays it for charity. She always has a guard sitting next to it when on display.

When Diana came to the USA she participated in auctioning many of her gowns.  When she passed away, many gowns were auctioned as well...all for charity.  After Diana's death, this shop owner placed her three gowns (purchased prior to her death) on display at her shop in New York.

 Wedding Bliss...

Do you think Kate will select something frilly, lacey, full, soft, simple or flashy for her gown? See more options at

Designs for a Royal
Yes, today there is a website for Royal watching now (see at end of post). Any day now they'll officially announce the gown designer.  The comparisons between Diana and Kate have been on-going before Kate and William were engaged.  I enjoy seeing both of their photos in comparison shots (continue).

Potential Designer Wedding Gowns are in sketches above for Kate. Alexander McQueen may be the chosen gown designer--very contemporary designs (see below).  Diana above, was a classic lady and Kate isn't about to upset the Queen's apple cart by any means.  She will select something that represents her youthfulness yet radiates her own grace.  It will be chic and feminine.

Diana's $18,000. gown travels around the world to make appearances for various charities and museums.  Only three people are allowed to handle it, ever.

Unpacking Princess Diana's Wedding dress for GRAM exhibit 

The pale pink blouse worn by Lady Diana Spencer for her engagement portrait by Lord Snowdon
Princess Diana's blouse designed by the Emanuels recently sold at auction. This was for a Vogue cover prior to her engagement to Prince Charles.  They also designed the wedding dresses for her big event.  It was first suggested that Alexander McQueen will be the designer for Kate's gown but now it's reported that Caroline Charles or Issa may be the designer selected.  Kate wore a blue Issa dress when they shared their engagement announcement.
CAROLINE CHARLES Fall 2011 Fashion Week Photos 499053 CAROLINE CHARLES Fall 2011 Fashion Week Photos 499053
Caroline Charles designs


Kate already carries herself like a Princess and most think she's a natural for the role.

Queen Mum is paying for the wedding.

Diana's memorial photo at Harrod's Dept. Store

 Camilla's daughter recently wed in a McQueen gown as well.

These may be styles she'll choose.

Actual Royal tiara's

They make a Royal couple...they are well on their way to a perfect life right?
(some In-Style photos)



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