My Limoncello from Sorrento and Tuscany


Diane Lane enjoying homemade Limoncello in the movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun"

Limoncello is a fabulously refreshing desert liquor from Italy.  Limoncello is as popular in Italy as chocolate is in the USA.  But it's reported that Sorrento/Naples grown lemons are the best to use for this liquor.  Everyone grows lemons and some are are almost as big as grapefruits!  Their scent fills the air. Interestingly, limoncello at its best offers mixtures of lemon, lime and marine scents. Nowadays limoncello is made in most parts of Italy, but the Sorrento version remains the most fascinating example.  The Italians use grain alcohol however, it's not allowed in many States in the US.  Therefore, recipes typically use vodka as the liquor base.  

In Sorrento, I saw Limoncello in Vanilla, Lemon and Orange flavors. 

Using a decorative bottle with your own label is half the enjoyment of serving Limoncello (see bottles below).  I finally made Limoncello and it was a very simple process using the lemon peels of lemons, sugar, water, and vodka.  There are many recipes (several below); however, an Italian friend gave me my recipe.  

Square Beverage Dispenser 
When traveling throughout Italy you'll see so many stores that feature the Limoncello products.  I purchased the Limoncello on the left in Lucca.    A Horchow jar on right.

This is my homemade Limoncello ready to strain.   Continue...

Napa Style decanter and glasses

This is a lovely Limoncello presentation for a wedding favor from Style Me Pretty blog...

Click here for the  Giada de Laurentis Recipe or the Slow Travel Italy recipe.

Caravella is the most common limoncello I've seen in the States. Served ice-cold on a warm summer evening, the liqueur was the ideal way to cap off a meal. Made from Italy's finest lemons, Caravella Limoncello is a sweet sip of Italian heritage, whether enjoyed in Italy or in America.

Ceramic Beverage Dispensers 
Fresh Lemon and Horchow containers


Recommended bottle types for your own limoncello: I found these on  You can use the empty vodka bottle also if it has a good cap on it.  I found the bottles below on

SLOM Bottle with stopper  Diameter: 4 " Height: 11 " Volume: 34 oz  Diameter: 9 cm Height: 29 cm Volume: 1 l
Cheap Ikea bottle $3.99 above and WorldMarket on occasion has these bottles.

For about $8. you can drink Grolsch beer and re-use the swing top bottle!


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