Vibrant Venice

Enchanting and vibrant, Venice has been a favorite of Italy travel sites.  Transportation is easy even though you're on the water.  Water taxi's are steps from the train station and much cheaper than gondola's if you prefer that way to get around the city. 

The popular Rialto Bridge

St. Mark's Square for culture and people watching.

My 1999 photo...
My '73 Vintage photo of my sister

Dining by the Rialto Bridge

Plenty of good restaurants to choose from but this one took online reservations in advance.

Love the beautiful florals along the waterways and their unique verandas.

Famous Harry's Bar--famous Bellini cocktail white peach juice and prosecco

Plenty of coffee bars-remember in Italy if you take the coffee away from the bar, they charge more money!

My friend, Nancina.


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