Venice, CA., 2011 Garden and Home Tours Part III (Lennon Sisters)

This is the tranquil front yard of the home below...

The homeowner giving an interview (left) and one of the largest staghorn ferns I've ever seen...

This was a contemporary Asian theme...the entire east side of the home opens up so it feels very open.

 Another home with lots of open doorways...very contemporary yet cozy.

The Singing Lennon Sister's Home in Venice

The Sisters in front of the house (left)...the entire family on the steps (right photo).

This is a lovely craftsman bungalow next door to the Lennon's house...

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  1. Wow!! its amazing !! lovely!! its attractive , i would like to visit Venice!! Thanx for sharing this

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  2. What a blast- I used to swim in that pool as a little kid. Thanks for the memories!


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