Getty Villa, Malibu--Summer Journeys

The main pool/fountain view of the Villa

The Getty Villa, Malibu, CA.
My sister is a volunteer at the Getty Villa so I was able to get great first hand information about the Villa's remodel project and re-opening.   Getty had been married 5 times and had 5 sons.  He and his last wife were living in the original home on the grounds while building a Villa reminiscent of an authentic Italian Villa.  Unfortunately, he passed away several years before it was completed in 1976.  The finished villa was beautiful and there were many rooms filled with antiquities and statues that J.Paul Getty enjoyed collecting.  I remember visiting it in the late 80's.  Read on...

The Villa was then closed in 1996 for 10 years in order to remodel it through the Getty Villa Trust.  The rooms are now more accommodating of the grandiose ancient artifacts and collections which include  Greek, Roman, and Etruscan periods.  Hallways and ceilings are gorgeously hand painted.  The pools and gardens are more lush.  The balcony above the pool area (photo above) had been closed for many years until just recently.

View facing West toward the Pacific Ocean taken from the balcony.

One of the gorgeous ponds

View of the Pacific Ocean in Malibu (upper left) Herb garden (lower left) and entrance.

South outdoor fountain

Herb garden lower middle photo...lower right photo taken from upper balcony.

Hand painted art work on the ceilings and walls.

 This is the part of the original house where Getty and his wife lived.  He eventually started working on the Villa to display his statues, however, he didn't live to see the Villa completed.

Inner courtyard with smaller fountain/pool

The Villa and the Getty Centers are very worth the trips...
The Getty Center Los Angeles
The Getty Villa Malibu
For more information about the Getty Villa in Malibu or the
Getty Center in Los Angeles (another marvel) click here.

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