Paradise Island, Nassau, Atlantis Hotel-Summer Journeys

 I took of this photo of the bird on a ledge...doesn't it look like he was a monster bird?

Atlantis Resort Hotel on Paradise Island
We decided to visit this resort and it was lovely.  It's numerous restaurants, two story aquarium and hundreds of different sized pools and streams (seemed like a lot) made it a delightful place to visit.    Many tourists in October were on holiday from the Eastern US States because of the close proximity.   

Other than a beautiful golf course and the luxury Ocean Club next door, the island is limited in activities. You can walk downtown and shop but mostly take advantage of the water sports.  Most guests stay right at the hotel and swim, gamble a little and dine...I'm not fond of humidity so that did me in from the start. 

Playing golf in this humidity is a killer.  I'm not too sure we'd ever go back but it was fun for one visit.

These are the shark pools at left.

The Ocean Club next door to the Atlantis...where parts of Casino Royale were filmed.

The beach bar at the Ocean Club--just a pretty location.


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