Trompe l'Oeil

Rock Burger painted by Shana

The "people" viewing Pugh murals are also painted on!

Trompe l'Oeil
My Aunt sent me these John Pugh photos and it seemed to be a great post.  Many Trompe l'Oeil subjects are of Tuscan landscapes. Trompe l'Oeil is an art technique that makes painted objects very realistic and appear 3D-- from ancient frescos to the latest sidewalk creations.  

More John Pugh photos below...but first, my friend,
Shana, "The Painting Nana" 
shared some of her work with on...

Shana painted this Spanish style hacienda on a large wall.  Two cutouts show the incredible detail.

Shana's Treasure Chest sea mural is enjoyed by many patients and visitors at a children's hospital in the bay area.  The turtle is a cutout from the large mural and the pencil sketch is a self-portrait of Shana (in white hat).  

Another part of the sea mural, decorative column for a light, musician and plant mural.

More John Pugh Murals
John Pugh at work
Chalk painting on London wall and sidewalk-so realistic you could walk down the steps but it's flat.

Photo left:  Artist John Pugh in process of another Trompe l'Oeil--the bull looks so real!
Other examples

The amazing Kurt Wenner, Sidewalk Chalk Artist--he has documentaries on how he does his chalkart

See this UTUBE video for painting a


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