Tuscany to Tucson--Summer Journeys

My friend James sent these great photos of the Grand Canyon and  Sedona, AZ. that are really beautiful...the one rock looks like a delicious giant candy bar with white icing on it!


You may spot Johnny Depp at the world famous L'Auberge!

L'Aberge Resort is a tranquil stop for spa serenity. Guests:  Linda, James, John, Margarita
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I love the "window" in the brick wall on the right...the "picture" will be different wherever you stand.
A beautiful mansion in Sedona;  A church tucked into the red hills of Sedona.        Chicmaison jewelry

Aren't the red rocks of Sedona just breathtaking?

Broken Arrow film location
Perhaps your favorite western was filmed here!

Great shots of the beautiful red rock formations, great structures in natural colours, and artisans...

    Etsy Chicmaison jewelry       Notice the contrasting textures of the stone work and landscape at right.

Thank you James for sharing photos and providing inspiration!


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