British Columbia Girls Trip

My friends Dawn, Jill and Mary take an annual family "girls trip" and this year landed in Victoria, British Columbia where they visited among many sites, the Buchart Gardens.  These gardens have to be one of the prettiest garden spots  in the world.  And the lady bug is adorable!

Acres of gorgeous foliage, plants, waterfalls, blossoms, greenhouses and more at the gardens.

 The girls Jill, Dawn and mom Mary

I can only dream of having such beautiful flowers year round in my yard!  Learn how to make these at the end of this post.

The suspension bridge is the most fun destination outside's absolutely crazy terrifying!  Do you see the view (above left) from the bridge? 

The Stone Soup Inn, Vancouver Island is a popular destination also.

Thank you Dawn for sending the photos my way!

See how to make one of the Buchart Gardens'  hanging baskets here.

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