Euro Pink

Clips by ala-Parisienne

The Via Fillungo, Lucca, IT.

The last time we visited Lucca, the fashionable window dressings along the Via Fillungo (main street) were filled with purple clothing and accessories.  When it's hot it's hot.  Cousin Nina even bought a purple leather purse!  That was cool...but the new Euro Pink is somewhere between muted salmon, fuchsia and a great raspberry tea --whichever you prefer.
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Pink bikes in France (FiFi flowers) and Jimtown tea, and my florals.

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 Lucca shop; Gap headband; Erbario wine scented candle and the pink buildings of Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Upper left: Bill's Store flowers in London; In-Style photo Reese W. and a Venice Beach home fuchsias

Dolce and Cabbana and Giorgia Armani (Wedding); Dior Milan Pink Skirt

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The pink flowers at the Los Angeles house where Kate and Will stayed recently.

Farmer's Market Flowers

Pier 1, Williams Sonoma and Napa Style


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