French Coffee Press

Europeans love their fresh brewed coffee and brewing it is as much of an art as it is a science.  Most coffee lovers say the best way to control the time and temperature is to use a French press coffee maker, thus making it the best coffee making process.  The French press offers unparalleled flavor due to perfect extraction time and delivery of the volatile oils that are often trapped in paper filters. A French press is also the least expensive coffee brewer available. 

To Make French Press Coffee read on...

Fresh coffee with a hint of lemon from Limonoro in Sorrento, Italy

To make coffee in a French press: boil the correct amount of water, freshly grind the coffee beans using a course setting, remove the plunger, place the coffee grounds at the bottom of the glass, add the hot water, stir by shaking, and after 4-5 minutes press the plunger down to separate the grounds from the extracted coffee.  

Thanks Aunt Tootsie for serving such delicious pressed coffee!  

Above pressers are Bodum Brazil French Press (apple green, stainless, black) and  La Cafetiere Rainbow (brt. green, white, black).  See coffee research for more brewing info.

French Market


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