How to Make Nutella

 Life in Italy
Nutella is one Italian treat beloved around the world. Born in Piedmont region of Italy thanks to the ingenious sweet tooth of pastry maker Pietro Ferrero, the sugary confection is easy to recreate at home.  Click below to continue...

The delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread doesn't need to come from a Nutella jar. For a healthier, do-it-yourself version, you can whip up homemade Nutella in your own kitchen.
How to make Nutella:
60 g roasted hazelnuts
100 g dark chocolate
100 g sugar
70 g butter
70 g of milk
How to Make NutellaGrind the hazelnuts and the sugar until you get a fine powder, then add the chocolate into small pieces and blend for ten seconds more.
Melt the mixture bain-marie for ten minutes (do not boil) adding butter and milk and stirring constantly.
When it turns into a nice cream, place it immediately in jars. It keeps in the refrigerator for about ten days and is delicious with cakes or as a healthy snack for children.


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