How to Use Photo Apps in Blogs

Capri, Italy photos from my iPhone;  Collage made in Frametastic

I've always loved design and photo editing so its been a fun challenge--publishing posts using my photos from my Europe travels and other Euro things.  I'm self-taught like most bloggers I presume, who create posts for their blogs.    It takes  experimentation with various iPhone apps and computer software programs to get the desired outcomes.  Be sure to read the end of this post about phone apps

Here are a few tips using photos for new bloggers like me.

I use Google Chrome and Blogger for my blog web hosting.  Picassa Web Albums are used to upload photos to my actual blog.  All of the apps I use are free to users.

If the photo has been taken on my 16 megapixel Nikon, I use Microsoft Picture It! program on my desktop computer to edit my photos.  However, I've discovered a few steps that make it very easy to produce professional looking photos right on my iPhone.  

Read more for tips...

The photos above were taken with my iPhone (4s).  I didn't want to alter the appearance but wanted to add the border or collage effect.   I use Frametastic or Frame Maker apps on the iPhone to make the borders.  The Frametastic app also changes allows you to change the effects of the pictures if you want that option.  

I also use the Instagram app (like many people) for varying the effects of the photos.  Another one is the Adobe app called PS Express (note: you have to purchase some of the better selections on this app).  My washed out or shabby chic effects are done manually by me in the Picture It! program on my desktop computer.  I like the effects better.  Many of my collages are also created on the desktop computer in Picture It!

Once I've achieved the frame or collage that I desire, I upload to the Picassa Web Albums to use for publishing to the blog.  Here's a tip:  I use the Piconhand app to upload iPhone photos to the Picassa Web Album.  Wow, this saves so much time and just is a wonderful app to have downloaded on your phone if you do any blogging.  

I don't always use a frame but it gives a "finished" look to any photo.


I used PS Express App on my iPhone to create this vintage look on the left from the original photo on the right from Etsy.  I uploaded it directly to Picassa Web Album with an app called Piconhand.

Piconhand is a free app but there is a Picassa app that will allow you to coordinate all of your web photos on your iPhone as well.  This one costs a minimum amount to purchase the app.  I also use Picassa on my desktop computer for more in depth photo correction and uploading to my blog.  

I achieved this washed look which I love by using my Picture It! program (hue and saturation effects) on my desktop computer changing my original photo on the right.

I just purchased an Apple Mac Mini therefore, can't use Picture It! anymore.  They don't have an Apple version.  So I went searching long and hard for a replacement product.  Now I've discovered Pixlr Photo Editing Services which is free and offers several software apps.  I think it does everything I used to on Picture It! and more but it's also FREE.  You might try downloading some of these services at


I edited my original Venice photo on the right and created a washed version on the left 
with Picture It!  It makes a very different commercial look.

 Changes to this photo was done using Picture It! also using the Hue and Saturation feature.

I made a collage of the same photos with different effects using Pixlr Photo Effects.  Pixlr has several apps that work well with quick photo editing.

I created this with an iPhone app called Photo Frame Maker which adds some fun effects and frames.  Actually, the upper right photo of the Tuscany area original wasn't nearly this good because I took it from the fast train and the lighting wasn't good.  So the effect tool really allowed the hilltop town to stand out!

This was made from my photos on my iPhone using Pic Collage app.  There are several of these app programs.  I don't use this very often but it's an option.

I lightened my original photo in Picture It! using the Hue and Saturation feature and also "painted" in some sky just for an artistic, fun effect.

About Phone Apps
As you can see there are many different phone app tools for editing.  However, many of the free apps will ask you to upgrade and purchase the app for more intensive editing.  I suggest before purchasing any apps that you use them awhile first.  New ones come along all of the time.  Also I found some of the free apps offer the same processes as the purchased or upgraded apps.

I used Picture It! to cut and paste my photos into the picture frames above. I lightened the whole photo in the hue and saturation effect for a shabby chic effect.

I hope some of these helped you new to blogging.  As you become an expert, please share your personal favorite applications for photo editing or publishing with me!
Now get creative!


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