Euro Stairways to Heaven

Left: Tuscany village, right: Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Positano, Italy

One thing is for certain there are ancient destinations to explore if you're willing to hike up stairways and walkways.  These landings and stairs in Europe add character and so much charm to the structures, most dating back to medieval times.  These are just some of my favorites I've photographed along the way...

This walkway leads to the church in Pienza, Tuscany, Italy      more...


This lovely private looking pathway is actually a major street, Via Krupp, on the Isle of Capri that winds through town and leads to the Augustine Gardens and famous Perfumari.  Here you can see the gorgeous views of the sea, arched rocks and the via eventually winds down to the Marina Piccola (right).



The Tower of London where so many walked stairs to the chambers while awaiting their deaths.

Below:  The Villa Margherita staircase in the Cinque Terre-a nice B&B in Levanto (left);  A Cinque Terre castle (middle);  A typical Tuscany stairway (right).

 The Isle of Capri:  florals and a staircase in the main piazza; stairway to the luxurious La Palma Hotel (middle).

Along the Marina at Sorrento, Italy...a great place to be!

Positano, Italy (bottom 3 photos)

Left:  Portofino, Italy;  Middle & lower:  Pienza, Tuscany,  and Pisa stairway to the top!

Walking up to the Sacre Coure church in Paris is a great work out but there is a Funicular that goes to the top for the those who can't climb the stairs. (Stairs below left photo)

The Grandaddy of steps--the Spanish Steps in Rome (right);  Paris steep steps to the Sacre Coure church (left);  Roman Forum steps (upper middle);  and Pienza, Italy (lower middle).


Can you imagine the Pompeian's having to walk up and down this cobbled stone main street every day shopping and living in the town?  It was hard on my feet and I had good tennis shoes!

A huge Milan Soccer Stadium.  Quite a job to climb these ramps to the top.


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