The Most Valuable European Monuments

The Eiffel Tower is the "most valuable" monument in Europe according to a very expensive study conducted by Italy's Chamber of Commerce.  The Eiffel Tower is woth about $544 billion,  placing it far ahead of other historic locations.  See the surprising results of the study...

Rome's Coliseum (about $90 billion), 

Milan's duomo (about $81 billion), 

Tower of London (about $70 billion), 

Not my photo (Wiki photo)

     Madrid's Prado Museum (about $58 billion)

Last but not least:

Great Britain's Stonehenge (about $10 billion).

I'm surprised the Louvre, Vatican, Parliament, and some other historical monuments weren't up in the higher numbers.  Here is the interesting article from the Post.

I'd love to hear your top monument comments!


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