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In the last few years second-hand shopping, whether it’s for furniture, clothing or bric-a-brac, has experienced something of a renaissance, and France offers a particularly good hunting ground for those looking to create a unique look for less. Easter to October is flea market season across the Channel, with events taking place in towns and villages across France on Saturdays and Sundays during the spring and summer.  See more...

In France the fairs are called foire à tout, vide greniers or brocantes and you’ll often see handwritten signs or posters advertising forthcoming events as you drive through the countryside.
France has become renowned for its bumper selection of fairs and people travel not only across the Channel, but from as far away as the United States and Australia, to scour the French markets. The brocantes often vary dramatically in size, from tiny village affairs with only a smattering of stalls, to vast events in larger towns and cities such as Lille and Bordeaux. 

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What to look for you ask?  Try scouring for old photos, pottery, cookware, lace, fabrics and linens, furniture, jewelry, scarves, tools, crafts, baskets, containers and more...
The best way to find out when and where events are taking place is by logging on to or which both have 
listings for every department.
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Found these uniquely French cuff links (Daimblond, Etsy, France)

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Etsy shop photos.

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