Grand Royal Sorrento Hotel

Anyone thinking about staying at the Grand Royal Sorrento (4*) Hotel on the magnificent coastline of Sorrento won't be disappointed.   It just so happened that we got this one right when we booked ahead.  The Grand Royal is just steps across the plaza from the train station.  So, how easy is it to roll your suitcase across the plaza and you're there at the Hotel Sorrento...see more...

Back side of the hotel facing the sea.

I don't recommend hotels very often and I don't represent any of them but this one was a real winner starting with the views of Mt. Vesuvius (left in photo) and the bay.  Mt. Vesuvius is near Naples and the bay continues on to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. This is facing North West from the back of the hotel.  

The view of the Marina facing South.

The grounds are full of lovely potted flowers always in season and flowering trees including orange and lemon.

Classic wisteria growing on the pergolas are beautiful.

Mt. Vesuvius in background-always a front row view.

The Cocktail Lounge--elegant yet charming and comfortable has a lovely large sunroom off to the right.

The Grand Dining Room where we had our huge buffet breakfast every day.  The pastries, meats, salads and eggs and more were all delicious.

We took one day to stay around the hotel and walk around town.

Of course there is a beautiful pool area.

Lounging around this terrace or dining overlooking the sea is just a great way to relax.

The very professional, helpful and friendly Italian staff was a refreshing change of pace on our trip.  A few large cruise ships visit the port throughout the week (photo above).

See the Hotel at their Website

Please comment if you're going to Sorrento or stayed at this hotel also.  Grazie.


  1. Great beautiful hotel and wonderful views too..This hotel is really situated at great location..

    1. Thank you for your observation. Its a classic in fabulous condition.


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