'Bottle Shock" with '70's Flavour

If you've not seen the movie "Bottle Shock" starring Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman, Chris Pine and Dennis Farina, then check it out on Netflix.  It's all about the emerging Napa Valley Wine industry in the '70's and the impact it had on the skeptic French wine sommeliers. The scene above where the blind tasting event was held, reflected Euro vintage vehicles on a rustic farm as if it were set in France (and convincingly pulled off).  However, scenes were shot n the beautiful California Napa Sonoma Valley.  

Alan Rickman played the wacky, amusing and doubting Frenchmen.

The European sommeliers who came to do the blind taste test that included California wines.  The winner was of course the California Chardonnay.
The Chateau Montelena is owned in real life by Jim Barrett played by Bill Pullman.

 This indoor-outdoor living set up was pretty cool for a young girl to live free and easy among the vineyards.  The music was darn good also!

Check the movie out...it's worth it!


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