Beautiful Bellagio and Varenna, Italy

Bellagio (15 minute boat ride from Varenna)...

Varenna (arrive from Milan by train)...

Italy has many rich gems and one of them is certainly Bellagio on Lake Como.   
Varenna and Bellagio make a perfect day trip from Milan.  

The train from Milan to Varenna takes one hour.  From here, the ferry over to Bellagio takes about 15 minutes. There's other ways to reach Bellagio that may require a change in transportation.  Bellagio is small enough to see in an afternoon but bring good walking shoes...there are a lot of steps through these charming little streets.  This was the second time I've visited Bellagio with beautiful weather (March and October).  

Near the Grand Hotel looking onto Lake Como

Grand Hotel area

Boutiques and restaurants line the streets up, down and all around the little town.


A local Church exterior and interior.

Great shopping for beautiful jewelry, clothing, and just about anything.

Clean and charming little streets (carrugios)

Near the main marina.

The ferry takes only minutes to get to Bellagio.  Even if you don't walk around the little streets, there's plenty going on at the main marina.  

Take time to sit and relax at one of the marina side cafe's.  Time for some people watching!

Varenna is another attractive commune that should not be overlooked on your visit to Lake Como. The train goes from Milano Centrale to Varenna without any changes in about one hour.  Once you reach Varenna and exit the station, follow the path that leads to the ferries on the waterfront.  The ferries go to Bellagio and Como but if you continue walking along the waterfront and you'll reach the town of Varenna.  The walk is enjoyable and not difficult.

At the train station in Varenna, exit right along the pathway...a very lovely 10 min. walk for most people to reach the ferries and town along the waterfront.

Along the walkway to the waterfront.


There are many beautiful villages along the Lake Como region. 


Lake Como is a perfect day trip from Milan.  

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