Fascinating Fiesole!

Not many places can capture a perfect view of Florence and the Duomo cathedral like Fiesole, Italy.  Just 15 minutes up the hillside from Florence, Fiesole is rich with history. Conquered in 283 B.C., there are Roman ruins and historical churches as well as the breathtaking landscape to admire.  It's worth taking the afternoon to visit this quaint, pristine town.  

I love the blue door we saw along the walk around outer Fiesole.

Getting to Fiesole
Take the local bus #7 from downtown Florence San Marco Square and you'll be in Fiesole in just minutes.  Surrounding the hillside are olive and other fruit tree farms to see along the way.  Once the bus lets you off at the main square, take some time to walk directly up the road to the right of the square and walk the perimeter of the town.  This will lead to one of the best views of Florence you'll see.  

If you'd rather skip the view and walk to the ruins, go directly across the street/road from the bus stop.  You'll find the entrance to the ancient roman baths and the Roman amphitheatre.  There is a view of the countryside but not Florence from here.


This little friendly guy followed us all around...look for him if you go to the ruins.

The historical theatre.  My three friends are way down there!


Roman Baths

A view of the countryside and Bartolo from the ruins 

Roman bath remains

The best views of Florence!

BBF Jo and the beautiful gate!

This day trip was part of our 10 day trips in 10 days in Italy.  See my Day Trips post.


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