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My grandparents immigrated from Bugnara, Italy to Pittsburgh, PA. in 1929 where my mother was born.  I'm from California and I love all that it offers but I love the stories my mom would tell us about her parents.  I also love traveling to Europe and taking photos of the rich colors, landscapes and designs especially in Italy.  I first traveled to nine countries in Europe with my sister when I was 19 years old.  I've just completed my seventh trip and still find plenty to love about it.  

I started this blog to share the beauty of Europe including the shops, villas, historical sites as well as provide some basic travel tips.  Having an art and design background, I love to find things that inspire me and to share them on the blog.   I often use my travel photos as subjects for paintings or greeting cards.  I'm a Special Education Program Manager (now retired) and have visited similar special education programs in Italy.   I hope you enjoy the posts.  Ciao! LouAnn 

My Travel Family:  Me, Sister Lin, Cousin Nina..

During one of our trips, my cousin (right), sister (middle) and I participated in our Uncle John's art course in Lucca Italy.  John Del Monte started the Lucca Art studies program over 40 years ago and made quite an impact on the beautiful walled town of Lucca. You can see this info on my blog Lucca Art Study.

In Portovenere

 The Cinque Terre 

With my travel BFF, Nancy (right) in the Cinque Terre. We reunited for this special trip for our birthdays following a class reunion (we had reunited after many years).  


My grandparents, Francesco and Maria Niva Capaldi immigrated in the 20's 
from Bugnara, Italy to Pittsburgh, PA.  It's said Bugnara is one of the prettiest settings in the Abruzzo region of Italy.   The children helped my grandparents make their own sausages and wines in their home basement.  They always had large rounds of blue cheese delivered to their home. I love the many stories of gatherings at their house to dine and visit with Italian friends and families.  They would sponsor other family members in the USA



LouAnn, Grandma Capaldi, sis Linda in McKees Rocks, PA. 

The Capaldi Cousins in PA.
Reunion in Pittsburgh.  Cousins: Tarquinios, Capaldis, Del Montes, Hoffmans/LouAnn and Linda King (middle row standing) and travel cousin Nina, front row right.  Missing is Gary Capaldi, Chuck Hoffman, and Vince Del Monte.

My son, Zach, the Scriptwriter...
Agent: United Talent Agency
Management Co.: Mosaic Group
Internship: Glen Echo Entertainment (Asst. to Producer) 
Work: Arclight Theatre, Sunset Blvd. Hollywood (Special Events Coordinator)

My Simba who passed away this year at 9.  My new purrfect blog bffr, Olive.

 My other fountain, not the Trevi, but it worked.



  1. Found your lovely blog as I was researching Venice, CA bungalows with artist studios...I'm a film and television location scout. I've now booked marked your blog. Ciao


  2. This is a fantastic blog. Thanks so much for creating it. I have enjoyed looking at your images of Italian window boxes today. So beautiful!

  3. Great site and fun blog. I got a late start in my European travels, but have been every year for the last 6, and did 3 cruises over there last year. I love it! Heading back in a couple of months. Have done Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece,Turkey,Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Morocco and the Canary Islands. Would like to go up North next. I was really amazed while visiting Spain and Portugal last year, how much the countryside reminded me of that outside of Porterville.

  4. Thank you, Larry, we must have crossed paths since I'm from Porterville!


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