Italian-American Chefs at Home

Chefs at Home
(Just some of the many!)

Giada is so well known for Everyday Italian and her many other food TV shows.  She actually lives in Pacific Pallisades, CA. in a fairly modest seaside residence. (Architectual Digest photos)

Her home...continue reading

Another photo of same home

She doesn't use her real kitchen on the show.  Her real kitchen is at the left. 

Giada is uses a private residence kitchen for her show.

Guy Fieri 
Guy's Santa Rosa Home  (Zillow)

                                 His home kitchen looks like a restaurant kitchen  (People Mag.)

 Guy Fieri

 FNN photo


David Rocco  
Features cooking from home (Florence)--here with his wife. David cooks many of his shows meals in Tuscany outdoors on a single burner and one large pan used over again.  In one show, it rained the whole time he was cooking.

    My Grandparents grew their own garlic for cooking.

Tyler Florence 
at home in Mill Valley

Tyler's Mill Valley Restaurant              

Napa is home to Michael Chiarello
See his NAPA STYLE products.

Mario Batali on Vespa in Italy; with his wife at home in Michigan.  Mario is actually from Seattle WA. however spent many years in Italy.  His father owns a great sandwich shop in Seattle.  Mario hosts "Ciao America" on Cooking Channel


Rachel Ray's home in the Hamptons...


Rocco DiSpirito 
In 1999, Rocco was honored as one of Food & Wine magazine's Best New Chefs. He was the first chef to appear on the cover of Gourmet magazine as America’s Most Exciting Young Chef. (

I love Alex Guarnaschelli's scrumptious meals on her Sunday TV show:
"Alex's Day Off". Check her out at

New Celeb Chefs on the Block: 
Extra Virgin: Gabriele and Debi
He's a Chef from Tuscany and she plays "Shauna" on Entrourage.

debi gabi.jpg
They have two adorable girls; Gabriele cooks simple Tuscan like his Grandmother; Debi would like to develop more healthy beauty products in the future.  I mention their olive oil in my post Olive Oil Beauty Products.  They also support the Under the Tuscan Gun blogspot in addition to their The Extra Virgin cooking show on the Cooking Channel.  They recently renewed their wedding vows in Tuscany.
On one show, Gabriele wanted to have chickens in his back yard (Los Angeles) in order to have the freshest eggs possible for cooking.  Since this photo taken above, they've moved to a larger home.


The International Academy of Gastronomy in Paris has awarded Massimo Bottura the title of Best Chef of the Year. Massimo has received several awards in Italy and around the world, but this prize recognizes his work with modern Italian cuisine.  Look for him on future shows.
                          Italy mag article

Julia Child's home in Conneticut.  Although not Italian, Julia spent many of her years learning gourmet cooking in Paris, France.

A kitchen inspired by the Barefoot Contessa
Ina Garten's kitchen (FNN photo)

The Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten's home. She cooks up great home grown veggies and Italian dishes.

Buono Appetito!


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