The French Riviera

The French Riviera
Monte Carlo, Monaco
My vintage '70's photo

Hard to believe that Monte Carlo is nearly one square mile and 35,000 residents and packed wall to wall. It's the richest country in the world with over 50 multi billionaires and over 100+ millionaires.  There was so much construction in 1973 but they've run out of room and must build "jetties" to accommodate additional villas. A cheap apartment costs $2 million to purchase and the day workers can't even live in the area any more. There's no crime since there is one policeman for every 64 reidents in Monaco. Continue...

This is the Monaco Palace where Princess Grace and Prince Ranier lived prior to her death. At this time, one could walk right up to the front without any guards out front.  I doubt it's this way today.

The city of Nice, France below:

Marseille below

These Mediterranean cities are easily accessible via trains that travel.

I snapped this along the Mediterranean very quickly hanging out the window of the train!

Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene's wedding photos here and the final wedding photos here

Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace here


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