Do you want to Tango, Vespa or Smart Car for Two?

Smart Car for Two Police Car.

See the newest really small car--the Tango 600 at bottom of post...

  George Clooney to promote new electric Smart Car in Italy this reported by Smart Car

After previously appearing in television commercials for Fiat, Nespresso, and Martini, Clooney is currently starring in an advert for Italian Internet provider, Fastweb and promoting the Smart Car for Two.  According to Italymag, a fixture on the Italian gossip scene, especially since starting a relationship with Sardinia-born Elisabetta Canalis, there’s no question that the public loves seeing George as a spokesman. While most of his past television spots have been filmed in English, the latest Fastweb advert features an ever-suave Clooney speaking Italian.  Read on...

Europeans see the Smart for Two car everywhere parked on sidewalks, or nosed in between two parallel parked cars.  Roads are often windy and narrow on the highways and congested in the town.  Some streets in the walled towns are single lane and one car waits at the corner until the car going the other direction passes!  Over the past several years, the Smart for Two was introduced in the USA. They're being promoted in Europe for their fuel efficiency. 

First, take a look at one of the most common forms of transport in Italy, The Vespa.  Originally made in India under license from Piaggio, these original 1960’s scooters (below) have been completely refurbished.  The old restored Vespas look as good as the new ones.

Lambretta originally from Milan...

        Vespa Style mo-ped (red scooter at right) costs 75% less than a real Vespa
--cute but not authentic or as charming.                 

The "Smart Car for Two" (original name)                                                

The new Sports model upper right and the first Smart Car for Two I saw in Milan in 1999.  I think my 6 grandkids under age 9 could actually lift this car!

Left, the tiny car driven in the movie, Eat, Pray, Love.  See more of the movie here.

Lastly, here is the new Tango 600 car
130 mph; 40-200 miles per gallon, parks like a motorcycle, rechargeable battery operated, two can ride side by side in a single lane with plenty of room!  Looks  like it was smashed between two cars.
(CNBC photo)


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