European Shabby Chic

The shabby chic, vintage style originated in Britain and France where large country side homes were filled with distressed-worn objects; faux, coats of painted colours, floral-stripe linens, and mismatched designs.   Using my photos and found objects,  I like to balance my posts with contemporary and vintage design...

    Italian Riviera photo,  Dolce Gabbana gown                      

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Bellagio, Lake Como, It.; Lucca, Italy lower lft,; Levanto rt; 

British guards at Windsor, Leeds Castle, the new Duchess, Tower of London lower left, and faux painted objects.

I love this goose that stood perfectly for me at Leed's

Paris above; lower: Montepulciano Madonna Church from Under the Tuscan Sun (also seen in my blogspot header)

Roman Ruins

Linens and the Roman Colliseum    

Pisa, Milan, Rome

Venice; Nautica Bedding

Top: Lincourt cupcakes left, ollalaberry lemonade cupcake rt, Bottom: Lucca, IT. Carousel; Pienza, IT. flowers;

Chicmaison, right

                Quelo Object Paris notecards; Crave Seattle cupcakes; Etsy pearls   Villa Margherita Cinque Terre top

Pienza, Italy and  Montalcino, Italy

Paris Flower Shop

There are many shabby chic books and some of my favorite shabby blogs are noted on my home page.  Rachel Ashwell has popularized the Shabby Chic style in the States.  She operates numerous shops but I've visited her first one on Montana Row in Santa Monica. Visit here...
Also, see my Rachel Ashwell's Malibu Shabby Shack here


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