LA Burger Bits:Apple Pan, Father's Office, Original Rockets

These are really Painted Rocks!  
(See Artist Shana's work on my Tromp l'Oeil post)

Apple Pan (upper left), JR's, Astro, and Father's Office (rt) and FO's sweet potato fries.

My son the striving, sometimes starving scriptwriter in Hollywood has frequented many of the burger joints in the City of Angels.  Nearby is the first Johnny Rockets (Melrose area) and an Astro Burger on the Santa Monica Blvd. corner.   So he's a captive audience for the burger wars and swears by Rockets.  But read on about these burgers...

Astro Burger

When I was in my late teens living in LA, I frequented the Astro Burger where you could always get a fresh, broiled burger  (somewhere near 3rd/Alvarado?).  I had to save money  to buy a burger and some onion rings once a month or so.  Oh, the fond foodie memories...I made $2.25 and hour at the downtown LA May Company.  That pays for half a burger these days.  Minimum wage was $2.00 so I was a cut above, lol....and where the heck did May Company go--one of the largest department stores downtown?  Oh, they merged with Robinson's May and now who knows???

For contemporary chic burgers,  many frequent Father's Office near the trendy Helm's Bakery in Culver City.  We paid nearly $90. for four micro beers, (3) burgers and (1) delicious sweet potato fries.  Tasty, but times, they are a changin'.   

Lastly, the Apple Pan diner was the original burger joint that inspired Johnny Rockets.  Emeril featured it on his show recently and it brought back memories of having so many great choices in LA no matter what kind of food you're desiring.

What's your favorite burger spot and where is it located?  
Tell me your burger story below...


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